Hello, my name is

Alexandr Čelakovský.

I'm a web developer focusing on frontend technologies.

Currently studying at BUT FIT.

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Create links for your social media! You can manage your links and customize themes.

Built using Next.js, Strapi, ChakraUI.

Higher Lower

Game where you have to guess the correct video views on Youtube!

Powered by React

Spotify Top

App which shows your most played songs in different time periods.

React app using Spotify API.

Other projects

Proteinomat link

Wordpress site with custom theme.

PHP, Wordpress

Studenter link

Calendar with tasks and budget system for student flat.

React Native, Supabase

Bazos scraper link

Web scraper with discord notifications

Node.js, React, Discord, Puppeteer

Age Clock link

Show your age progress


Aktuality link

Wordpress blog with custom theme

PHP, Wordpress

Wordle Clone link

Clone of the popular browser game!

PHP, Wordpress


Can we work together?

Send me an email!